Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Have Persimmon Vinegar in Your Kitchen

Our delicious premium vinegar is made from organic persimmons and filtered water, nothing else. So why persimmon vinegar? Here are 8 reasons (to start) why you need persimmon vinegar as a staple in your culinary exploration.

1. Superior Flavor

Persimmon vinegar is entirely unique, with a bold flavor that can accompany many of your existing and new dishes. Some say sweet, like a peach, but not quite. Some say sour, like apple cider vinegar, but smoother. We say, just try it.

2. Health First

Just 1 tablespoon a day of persimmon vinegar supports heart, liver, skin and digestive health. A healthy dose of antioxidants in vinegar protects your cells from free-radical damage and supports healthy aging. 

3. All-Day Use 

Wellness tonics. Hot elixirs. Shrub sodas. Salad dressings. Hot sauces. Marinades. Pickling vinegar. Cocktail mixers. The limit does not exist. Persimmon vinegar can be used all day long. Don’t worry, we sell 6-packs.

4. Culinary Exploration  

This is a new product to the market, and an unexpected flavor emerging to a world habitually using other vinegar products. It’s an invitation to explore a whole new world of unfamiliar foods and flavors. Not sure where to start? Check out our Journal for some of our newest recipes!

5. Persimmons as Medicine 

Whether you're needing antioxidants, prebiotics, or just looking to support your heart, liver, gut, or skin health - we believe food should always be part of your treatment plan. Persimmons have been used for centuries in Eastern traditions to heal common and severe ailments. Have you tried persimmons before?

6. Choose Regeneration 

100% of the proceeds support our parent non-profit White Buffalo Land Trust, whose mission is to expand regenerative agriculture to directly address the climate, biodiversity, public health, and food security challenges that we face today.

7. Zero-Waste Packing  

Our goal is that all of our packaging and shipping materials can return to the land without harm. Today, nearly all of our packaging meets our goal and we are continually working to improve and innovate. 

8. Farmer Focused 

We are farmers ourselves, and we partner with other farmers that go beyond organic standards to implement truly regenerative principles and practices that support the healing of our planet. We have deep gratitude for the people who raise food for our communities.

Put simply, it’s better for you, farmers, and the planet.