Figure Ate Launches Beef Biltong Sourced From Verified Regenerative Grasslands

The team at Figure Ate believes the way we eat and drink has the power to change our world for the better and that we owe it to ourselves and future generations to unlock the restorative power of food.  Figure Ate is proud to share their success in this bold effort: an undeniably delicious, tender, protein-rich staple for your body that also contributes to ecological restoration and climate balance.

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Farming for the Future at Jalama Canyon Ranch

“People have been conditioned to think that our impact on land is always negative,” he said. “We reject that entire framework. A cow isn’t bad; a human isn’t bad innately.” Recognizing as much connects this “new” regenerative movement with the...

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Greening Up

Healthy soils, restored water cycles, increased biodiversity—these are some of the goals of what’s known as regenerative agriculture. And practicing, developing, and promoting it here in Santa Barbara County is the mission of the WHITE BUFFALO LAND TRUST…

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The First Seed

Learn how we are laying the foundation for a thriving, resilient food system using the principles of regenerative agriculture. Our 12-acre farm in Summerland is just the beginning...

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