Our mission is to create Restorative Foods from Regenerative Agriculture. Each of our products begin by identifying an ecological need that can be addressed through regenerative agriculture and finish as nutrient dense and delicious foods that can restore our bodies, our communities, and our ecosystem. Figure Ate was born out of the White Buffalo Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to practicing, promoting, and developing regenerative agriculture systems. All proceeds from Figure Ate return to White Buffalo to further this work.


Steve Finkel, Founder & President

Steve is the founder and president of WBLT. He is committed to building the foundation into a permanent service organization that will adapt and evolve as regenerative agriculture becomes the standard for land stewardship. Steve brings with him decades of entrepreneurial, environmental, and private sector experience. He believes the most effective organization is built on the excellence and merit of the team; and the commitment to the core values of integrity, quality, and clarity in results-oriented and service-oriented pursuits.

Jesse Smith, Director of Land Stewardship

Jesse is the Director of Land Stewardship and is guiding the development of Jalama Canyon Ranch and our flagship farm in Summerland, CA. His passion and expertise in agricultural system design and community engagement are a cornerstone of our strategy to achieve a systemic paradigm shift towards a regenerative food economy and ecology.

Ana Smith, Director of Programs & Engagement

Ana is the Director of Programs and Engagement working at the nexus of business development and community dynamics. Her background in program development, event planning and production, project management, and creative direction play a key role in the experience our community has with White Buffalo Land Trust, whether online or in person.

Regenerative agriculture can provide meaningful work and living wages to farmers while feeding millions of people, sequestering significant amounts of atmospheric carbon into the soil, building our freshwater resources, and improving wildlife habitat. Our work gives farmers, entrepreneurs, and customers the tools they need to lead this transition.

A core pillar of White Buffalo's work is to develop regenerative enterprises and teach others to do the same. Figure Ate is our take on building a Customer Packaged Goods (CPG) business focused on restoring our world with each decision we make.

To learn more about our parent non-profit, with whitebuffalolandtrust.org.