About Us

How you eat can improve your world.

After nearly 200 years of industrial agriculture, the shrinking menu on offer is lacking the full-flavored variety and nutrient density it once had—and it’s degraded the land on which that food is produced in the process.

But just as our modern food system has harmed the planet, how we eat can heal it.

Figure Ate is unlocking the restorative power of food—for you, farmers, and the Earth—with an exciting variety of unexpected foods and flavors that nourish the body, tantalize the taste buds, and heal the planet. Together, we’re transforming your kitchen into a sweet and savory shrine of creativity and vitality, inspiring new opportunities for culinary discovery for any hour and every appetite.

It’s yum and yang in delicious harmony.

We’re taking our pantries back to our roots—literally—working in partnership with regenerative farms and producers to create regionally-sourced, regionally-inspired products that rebuild the connection between our health and Mother Earth’s and put the “culture” back in “agriculture.”

Our first product is a premium vinegar made from persimmons. It’s versatile and better tasting than other fruit vinegars, and it’s better for you, farmers, and the planet—and it’s only the beginning.

We’re already exploring an astonishing assortment of delicious new foods at the Center for Regenerative Agriculture at Jalama Canyon Ranch in Lompoc, California— everything from regeneratively-sourced meats to perennial snacks—to give you the better-for-all ingredients to make the world you want from your kitchen.

So go ahead and play with your food; it’s good for everyone.

Our Guiding Principles

Food is medicine

We believe in the restorative power of food, for you and Mother Earth. We only create products that are healthy and nourish our customers and the land.

Play with Your Food

Our products are meant as building blocks for your kitchen. Use them to launch new culinary adventures, or as snacks that bring joy to your day.

Clean, Simple, Beyond Organic

You’ll never find hidden ingredients or chemicals in our foods. Moreover, we work directly with producers who are certified organic AND go beyond organic agriculture requirements to regenerate their land by building healthy soil, improving water resources, and increasing biodiversity.

Zero Waste

Our goal is that all of our packaging and shipping materials can return to the land without harm. Today, nearly all of our packaging meets our goal and we are continually working to improve and innovate.

Honoring and Regenerating Mother Earth

This is why we are here. Packaged foods are a powerful way to inspire the rapid and broad adoption of regenerative agriculture. All our sales benefit our nonprofit, White Buffalo Land Trust, and advance the work of regenerative agriculture locally, regionally, and globally.

Partnership with Farmers and Ranchers

Our founding team includes farmers and we have deep gratitude for the people who grow food for our communities. We strive for partnership with the farmers and ranchers we source from, paying fair prices and working with them year after year to improve their land health.

Support Diversity

Diversity breeds resiliency, and simplicity brings fragility. Through our efforts we seek to increase diversity in the microbiome, our products, our landscapes, and our communities.

Build Community

Our wish is that our customers go beyond purchasing our products. Follow our social media and email list to learn more about lifestyle changes you can make, consider other companies you can purchase from that have similar values to Figure Ate, and spend some time each day loving Mother Earth.

Our products bring new and exciting flavors to your kitchen, are made from impeccably sourced ingredients that you can trust, and are part of the path forward to addressing our ecological, public health, and climate crises.

All sales support White Buffalo Land Trust

Figure Ate was born out of the White Buffalo Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to regenerative agriculture, and our proceeds support White Buffalo to continue practicing, promoting and developing regenerative agriculture. We’re creating an ever-expanding network of aligned producers and customers rooted in regenerative principles and practices. 

We are committed to regenerative agriculture and unlocking its power and potential to address the planet's climate, biodiversity, community health, and food security challenges. We steward land, train farmers, educate our community, conduct scientific research, and we also make vinegar and other innovative pantry staples coming soon (follow us and be the first to know).