Our Land Restoration Expands: Introducing Jalama

It's time to develop enterprises that restore our ecosystem AND nourish our communities: 

That’s why we’re excited to share that on April 20th, following a successful $6 million campaign, White Buffalo Land Trust, Figure Ate's parent non-profit became the new stewards of Jalama Canyon Ranch in Santa Barbara, California. On these 1,000 acres, we will establish a Center for Regenerative Agriculture focused on education, training, research, and the demonstration of financially viable regenerative agriculture.


Jalama Announcement_Spring 2021 from White Buffalo Land Trust on Vimeo.


“Throughout history we have struggled to live in balance and harmony with the earth and with each other; yet our shared future rests on our expanding awareness and ability to do so. The community coming together to do this work at Jalama Canyon Ranch is a resounding step forward on this journey.” - Steve Finkel, Founder & President

Thanks to a collaborative effort including the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County, philanthropic foundations and donors, and a catalytic group of conservation lenders, we’ve now protected this land in perpetuity.

We’ve also set the possibility of something even greater in motion: modeling the restoration of our ecosystem through agriculture.

Jalama Canyon Ranch will serve as a center for education, training, and scientific research, as well as help remove the barriers to rapid and broad adoption of regenerative principles and practices locally, regionally, and globally to directly address the climate, biodiversity, community health, and food security challenges we face today.

“Our flagship farm in Summerland is our living laboratory and Jalama Canyon Ranch is our opportunity to show regenerative agriculture at scale, and to work with others who have those types of land holdings to show how a transition to regenerative agriculture is possible.” - Ana Smith, Director of Programs & Engagement 

Next, we’re moving into “Phase 2” of the campaign to establish the new Center at Jalama Canyon Ranch. Kicking off in June with a goal of raising $4 million by May of 2022, the campaign will include philanthropy as well as impact investment opportunities focused on agricultural enterprises, infrastructure development, and expanded education, training, and research. 

Something to feel good about: Every time you support Figure Ate, you are continuing to support the expansion of practices that restore the Earth and our collective health. 

Learn more and continue to support expansions to this project! 
Head to www.campaignforjalama.org or email us at campaign@whitebuffalolandtrust.org.

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