Refreshing Sparkling Water and Shrub Soda

Sparkling Water Recipe

This is one of our favorite recipes! It's so simple and good for you. Great for a warm Spring, Summer day or for kids who don't (usually) love to drink vinegar. 

Pour a glass of sparkling water

Add a shot (splash or about 1 TBSP) of Persimmon Vinegar

Add muddled fruit, fresh mint, or a lemon to add extra flavor

Other garnish ideas: - orange loquat, lemon juice, and mint - roses and lavender - basil and strawberries 

Serve and enjoy! 

Shrub Soda Recipe

  • 1 part simple syrup
  • 1 part citrus juice
  • 1 part vinegar

Make a simple syrup with

  • 1 part water
  • 1 part sugar

Bring to a boil on the stove until the sugar is dissolved and then cool before use. 

Mix 1 part citrus juice and 1 part vinegar with the cooled simple syrup. Chill in the fridge for use later or use immediately. 

Add 1 part shrub mix to 4 parts sparkling water. Taste and add more shrub mix if desired. Garnish with a lemon, fresh mint, or herb of your choice. 

Serve and enjoy! 

Experiment with these and let us know what you think? Or send us your favorite recipe variation and we'll post it on Instagram.