Persimmon Vinegar 6-Pack

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Our Naturally Fermented Persimmon Vinegar is more than a regenerative superfood offering support for a healthy heart, liver, skin, and gut. It’s an invitation to explore a whole new world of unfamiliar foods and flavors.

With its uniquely delicious taste, Persimmon Vinegar is your new alternative to citrus and apple cider vinegar in salads, health tonics, marinades, cocktails, facial toners, and more. 

Locally produced in the Central Coast region. Proceeds benefit White Buffalo Land Trust and their mission to expand regenerative agriculture.

Size: 6 bottles, each 12.7 fl oz (375 ml) 

5% Acetic Acid 

Naturally Fermented 
● Raw
● Unpasteurized

● Organic persimmons 
● Filtered water

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Very nice vinegar

This makes a great stand-in for white or apple-cider vinegar, or just to enjoy a splash in a glass of sparkling water. It fruit-forward but less harsh than apple cider vinegar, yet still subtle enough to swap for white or champagne vinegar. I gave out as gifts for the holidays and got raves! Happy to support regenerative, and I will purchase again!

Becca Tucker
Love it !

Great gift and love that it’s sourced from our community.

Nora ORourke
Bright and Versatile

A lovely vinegar to make salad dressings and cocktails!

Soil Centric
Best gifts!

We run a small non-profit that connects people to opportunities in regeneration. We bought a box of the Persimmon Vinegar to give to our biggest supporters as a thank you because it aligns with our mission and we know they will appreciate the story behind this beautiful product! We'll be buying more soon.

Sarah Wyckoff

Your persimmon vinegar was a wonderful element in my deliciousness as A transition from several months of restricted food from a medical protocol to eating the full rainbow again. Thank you for the gentle and delicious vinegar!