Regenerative Beef Biltong - Spiced

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Our South African style Biltong brings an exotic new flavor to your pantry (and everywhere you take it) that supports the regeneration of grasslands and provides a nourishing protein for you.

Never heard of biltong before? Think of it as a more tender, flavor rich cousin to jerky.

Traditionally, Biltong is marinated in a blend of vinegar and seasonings then air-dried without heat, sugar, or artificial preservatives. We take our biltong to the next level by producing it in small batches for uncompromised freshness and undeniably delicious texture. Our Spiced Biltong builds on the earthy tones of coriander and black pepper with just a hint of heat from garlic and red pepper, leaving your tastebuds asking for more.

Packed with 32 grams of protein per pouch, this grab n’ go snack has everything you want and nothing you don’t.

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impeccably sourced

We source our beef from ranchers dedicated to making positive ecological impacts on their land by grazing cattle exclusively on pasture in a way that reflects wild herd behavior. This style of ranching pulls carbon from the atmosphere so it can be stored in the soil, reducing greenhouse gases and helping rebuild our topsoil.

Regenerative Verified

Our Beef Biltong is Land to Market Verified. Developed in collaboration with leading scientists and researchers around the world, EOV™ (Ecological Outcome Verification) is a data-based approach used to assess positive trends in land health. Regenerative agriculture can build soil fertility, sequester carbon, protect watersheds and facilitate biodiversity. EOV™ gives us the tools to verify these crucial outcomes. When you see this seal, this provides true transparency back to regenerating land.


Photo courtesy of White Oak Pastures

Featured Rancher - White Oak Pastures

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why pasture-raised and grassfed

• Forage on grass, pasture, and hay (the natural diet of ruminant animals)
• Live rest of life on pasture, free to roam, graze and express instinctive behaviors
• Gain weight at a natural rate, staying healthy and strong throughout entire life
• Not given antibiotics or hormones

Supports heart, liver & skin health

Antioxidants support healthy aging

Supports healthy digestive function