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Our Naturally Fermented Persimmon Vinegar is more than a regenerative superfood offering support for a healthy heart, liver, skin, and gut. It’s an invitation to explore a whole new world of unfamiliar foods and flavors.

With its uniquely delicious taste, Persimmon Vinegar is your new alternative to citrus and apple cider vinegar in salads, health tonics, marinades, cocktails, facial toners, and more. 

Locally produced in the Central Coast region. Proceeds benefit White Buffalo Land Trust and their mission to expand regenerative agriculture.

Size: 6 bottles, each 12.7 fl oz (375 ml) 

5% Acetic Acid 

Naturally Fermented 
● Raw
● Unpasteurized

● Organic persimmons 
● Filtered water

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Erika Del Toro
Gut health

I am a recent buyer of persimmon vinegar and I’m loving it. I have been making an elixir each morning and I’ve felt a significant change in my gut health. I have tried apple cider vinegar, but the taste was too harsh for my softness haha.
I love the taste of persimmon vinegar and have my family hooked on it too!

Gabrielle Cohen

Tastes amazing. Highly recommend

Tim o'Shea
ADD a new spark to everything!!

The Figure 8 Persimmon Vinegar has served to brighten up every dish, sandwich, salad, soup..mostly everything I use it for...

Liz Baldwin

Just tried today. Very interesting taste. I enjoyed it. Sprinkled on Caprese I made. Very nice.

Pamela S
100% Delicious

We love this vinegar. We mix with olive oil and add tsp honey, s&p, and that's it! So flavorful and complementary to spring salads. I used to love balsamic dressing the most, but now we keep coming back for more persimmon! Highly recommend.